Our Products
Our diverse selection of products and accessories allows us to creatively customize your business environment.

We are living in the midst of the “Green” revolution.  But have you ever wondered why it is referred to as “Green?”  Plants are the foundation of nature and the Green Movement is about protecting and enjoying our natural environment for years to come. 

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We use only professionally grown tropicals shipped in weekly from Florida, California and Hawaii.  Each plant has its own look and character, making it possible to complement any decor.

Choose from exotic blooming plants, tropical palms, or something with a contemporary and sleek look.


With hundreds of styles and textures to choose from you can create an endless number of looks.  Finishes range from stone, stucco, sleek fiberglass, metal and ceramic to everything in between.  Eco-friendly containers are available in a variety of finishes as well.

Create groupings or stand alone arrangements with just the right look and finish for your decor.  Below is a very small sampling of some of the containers we provide.

Green Walls